Make sure your business Online-Ready

Get connected with customers & team
Absolutely productive in the way that it harmonizes the workflow, regulates project tasks, maintains & manages customer interactions and client relationship.
Genuine enquiries

No more assuming on random enquiries, option to pick leads from the customer's recommendation questions itself.

Leads management

Real-time conversation on enquiry and instant support on customers complaint request will lead to proper growth.

Appointment management

Displaying services and getting enquiries are not productive enough but sure-shot appointment booking does.

Clients management

The transaction from every client is worth a million, trusfi desk will help you to manage all your client data efficiently.

Team management

Managing team will now easier than ever. The all in one team management tool will boost your productivity by tracking the member's progress.

Project management

Don't just let your ideas lay in your head. Write your project flow, create to-do's and assign to your team members, shape your ideas.

Sync accounts

Are you doing multi-business at the same time? That's perfect, trusfi provides account sync option to see all your business statistics at one login.

Apps for enhancement

Pick the right app to enhance your profile. Proper update and a fully informative profile will bring more customers and search friendly.

More to go

We're upgrading every section to lighten your burden. There are 20+ apps and features are in progress that delight you soon.

Everything you own is in the box
Handle and maintain all your business in one place and to attain massive growth
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